Michaelmas Term Transformations Cluster and Technological Natures Cluster Seminar Series

Tuesday 20th October (week 2) 4pm, Herbertson room
Karen Till, National University of Ireland Maynooth
‘Decolonising urban imaginaries: Land justice, memory-work and care in wounded cities’

Thursday 22nd October (week 2) 4pm Herbertson room
Dr Bronwyn Parry, KCL
‘Economies of Assisted Reproduction: Regulation as Normative Performance?

Tuesday 3rd November (week 4) 4pm, Gilbert room
Al James, QMUL
‘Minorities getting in and getting on? Segmented labour geographies of employability, skill development and (im)mobility in India’s New Service Economy’

Tuesday 10th November (week 5) 4pm, Herbertson room
Elaine Ho, National University of Singapore
‘Incongruent migration categorisations and competing citizenship claims: ‘Return’ and hypermigration in transnational migration circuits’

Tuesday 1 December (week 8) 4pm, Gilbert Room
Kevin Ward, University of Manchester
‘On the waterfront: experimentation, innovation and speculation in the financing of urban infrastructure’

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